Oligo Calc: Oligonucleotide Properties Calculator

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Human Protein-DNA Interactome (hPDI)

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he hPDI (human protein DNA Interactome) database holds experimental protein-DNA interaction data for humans identified by protein microarray assays. The unique characteristics of hPDI are that it contains consensus DNA-binding sequences not only for nearly 500 human TFs but also for more than 500 unconventional DNA-binding proteins, which are completely uncharacterized previously. Users can browse, search, and download a subset or the entire data via a web interface. This database is freely accessible for any academic purposes.


Will the Pursuit of Happiness Make You Happy?

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Interstellar Travel: Will We Ever Get Out of the Solar System?

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Hearing test on-line: sensitivity, equal loudness contours and audiometry

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Plasmid ( five) Conformations migrattion through a gel( Relaxed Circular, Supercoiled, Supercoiled Denatured, Linear Plasmid)

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