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I am pleased to attach information about our TGX™ and TGX Stain-Free™ FastCast™ Acrylamide Kit which will permit you to cast your own TGX and TGX Stain Free gels. An associated video about the technology is also available ( The major advantage of the Stain-Free technology for western blotting is the ability to accurately normalize by total lane density of the transferred protein as described in the attached article “A Defined Methodology for Reliable Quantification of Western Blot Data” published in the journal Molecular Biotechnology ( The associated video that will walk you through the article can be accessed on YouTube ( For many western blotting applications, this means the elimination of housekeeping proteins as loading controls which cost additional time, funds and can be skew your data if your samples are not diluted appropriately to avoid signal saturation. Please read the article or watch the video for all the details.

I hope you find the Stain Free technology useful and please do not hesitate to E-mail if you have any further questions. I have cc’d your local sales specialists on this message and please feel free to consult with them regarding this great solution for achieving well normalized, quantitative western blots.

Quanti-1- 10033918_TGX_SFX FastCast Acrylamide Kit IM

Quanti-2- A Defined Methodology for Reliable Quantification of Western Blot Data_2013


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