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Protein domains/Linker:

Linkers are short peptide sequences that occur between protein domains. Linkers are often composed of flexible residues like glycine and serine so that the adjacent protein domains are free to move relative to one another. Longer linkers are used when it is necessary to ensure that two adjacent domains do not sterically interfere with one another.

Name Description AA sequence Length
BBa_J176131 PLrigid 60
BBa_J18920 2aa GS linker 6
BBa_J18921 6aa [GS]x linker 18
BBa_J18922 10aa [GS]x linker 30
BBa_K105012 10 aa flexible protein domain linker 30
BBa_K133132 8 aa protein domain linker 24
BBa_K1486003 Flexible linker 2x (GGGS) 24
BBa_K1486004 flexible linker 2x (GGGGS) 30
BBa_K1486037 13 amino acids linker [GGGS GGGGS GGGS] 39
BBa_K1486053 10 aa linker 30
BBa_K157009 Split fluorophore linker; Freiburg standard 51
BBa_K157013 15 aa flexible glycine-serine protein domain linker; Freiburg standard 45
BBa_K1680001 protein linker, 9aa 15
BBa_K1680002 Protein linker, 12aa 24
BBa_K1680003 Protein linker, 15 amino acids 33
BBa_K1777005 flexible linker with SV40 NLS 124
BBa_K1777019 flexible linker 36
BBa_K2382004 Thioredoxin with polylinker 384
BBa_K2429126 Glycine-Serine Linker 24
BBa_K243004 Short Linker (Gly-Gly-Ser-Gly) 12
BBa_K243005 Middle Linker ( Gly-Gly-Ser-Gly)x2 24
BBa_K243006 Long Linker (Gly-Gly-Ser-Gly)x3 36
BBa_K243029 GSAT Linker 108
BBa_K243030 SEG 108
BBa_K2549045 linker between GAL4 DNA binding domain and VP64 transcription activator 36
BBa_K2549053 G4S linker 15
BBa_K2812004 Coding sequence for trunctated Lysostaphin fused to His-tagged HlyA 1458
BBa_K2812005 Coding sequence for trunctated Lysostaphin with HlyA and His6-tag regulated by T7-promoter 1496
BBa_K2812006 Coding sequence for Pyocin S5 with HlyA and His6-tag 2217
BBa_K2812007 Coding sequence for Pyocin S5 with HlyA and His6-tag regulated by pBAD-ara promoter 2288
BBa_K404300 SEG-Linker 108
BBa_K404301 GSAT-Linker 108
BBa_K404303 Z-EGFR-1907_Short-Linker 192
BBa_K404304 Z-EGFR-1907_Middle-Linker 204
BBa_K404305 Z-EGFR-1907_Long-Linker 216
BBa_K404306 Z-EGFR-1907_SEG-Linker 288
BBa_K416001 (Gly4Ser)3 Flexible Peptide Linker 45
BBa_K648005 Short Fusion Protein Linker: GGSG with standard 25 prefix/suffix 12
BBa_K648006 Long 10AA Fusion Protein Linker with Standard 25 Prefix/Suffix 30
BBa_K648007 Medium 6AA Fusion Protein Linker: GGSGGS with Standard 25 Prefix/Suffix 18